Settings menu in Infoglue

The settings menu gives you the opportunity to change various settings, such as what is presented when you open Infoglue.

Settings menu

The settings menu

The settings menu is found in the top-right corner. Here you can logout, receive information about, retrieve deleted material from the trash can (Web master only) and decide what is presented when Infoglue is first started.

Logging out

It is a good habit to always log off before closing your browser. It is a must to always close your browser after first logging out when you are working with Infoglue in a public setting. If you do not close your browser there is the risk that the next person using the computer can ”go backwards” to get back into Infoglue.

My settings

My settings.

You can change four options here. These settings are:

  • Default language in the tools; Swedish or English.
  • Default repository after login; you can choose amongst the sites you have access to.
  • Default tool after login; Structure, Content, Publishing or Forms.
  • Field to show as page name in Structure tree; NavigationTitle or NiceURIName. NiceURIName is used to locate the page in the browser. As an example: arbeta-i-infoglue is the NiceURIName for the page