General information about Infoglue

Infoglue is an open source content management system (CMS) that is used at Uppsala University.

What is Infoglue?

Infoglue is a tool for the web, a so called Web Content Management System (WCMS or CMS for short). A CMS is used to separate design, structure and content. This separation provides a way of working with web pages where knowledge about html and web programming isn't needed. A CMS also provides a simple way to reuse structures and content to create a uniform website.

Read more about what a CMS is on wikipedia.

Open source software

A software which is "open source" is in short software that can be tweaked to suit a users needs. Uppsala University has its own implementation of Infoglue, and in this implementation there are lots of components which has been tailor-made for our specific needs.

Editing modes

Infoglue provides two interfaces for editing;

  • CMS”: the full Content Management System for structure and content revision.
  • EOS”: a less complex ”Edit On Site”-mode for simple content editing.

As of writing this there are two ”base” designs for a website – WP1 and WP2.